Worship Companion November 14 2021

We might be familiar with Jesus’ words to “come and follow” him, or “come and find rest,” but we should also remember that Jesus left a strong message with us when he ascended: for us to “GO!” We’re going to look at the “how” and the “why” of that command this week.

Title: Christ as The Way, The Truth, The Life
Date: 20th century
Artist: Unidentified Argentinian artist
Building: Chapel of Divino Maestro
Object/Function: Sculpture, freestanding

Worship Companion – November 7 2021

When you walk into work, be it an office, or a jobsite or your living room, do you know what your task is for the moment? What about your task for the day? What about your purpose in that occupation?
Knowing your focus is critical to being a good worker and finding enjoyment in your work. This week, we’re talking about our “life focus” — the mission God has given us.
Title: Christ Speaking With the Disciples [Click for smaller image view]

Title: Christ Speaking With the Disciples Artist: Pencz, Georg

Worship Companion – October 31 2021

No spooky stuff in this Hallowe’en Worship Companion; just a fascinating and also tragic story of the life or Ruth and Naomi this week. We’re looking at the story of two unlikely people who end up following God together.
Title: Story of Ruth [Click for smaller image view]

Worship Companion – October 24 2021

Welcome back to the worship companion! After a couple weeks off, I am back and I’ve been thinking, it’s good to be back. What I mean is, it’s good to be gathering together, back with my brothers and sisters and worshipping God together.

Multitude of Worshippers – Gregory Stanton

Worship Companion – October 3 2021

Welcome to October!
This is a month of preparations for Upper Thames Missionary Church. We are preparing for the next big step as we walk with Christ, namely the arrival of Brian and Paula Smith, our new Associate Pastoral Family and their three children Ezra, Emery, and Evangeline.

“Pathway to Autumn” by Paul Oakley ca. 2015

Worship Companion – September 26 2021

Welcome to our fourth and final week of the “September Survey!”

Title: Ecumenical Window
Date: 1976
Building: Old Stone Church (Cleveland, Ohio)

In our texts today, we are reminded that within the Christian fellowship we sometimes stumble upon partnerships in the gospel where we don’t expect them. The Kingdom of God is bigger than our little circles, yes, bigger than our particular church traditions. Let us be reminded today of the grand size of God’s Kingdom.

Worship Companion – September 19 2021

Psalm 85, by John August Swanson

Wisdom is not just words, it is also deeds. And while “peace” is met with skepticism in our day, as Christians, we are confident that the fruit of living peaceably will bring a harvest of justice and truth to come.

Worship Companion – September 12 2021

The heavens declare the Glory of God!

Title: God with Angels and Saints
Notes: This large mosaic over the altar was created by a local Philippine artist
Date: 20th-21st centuries
Building: Tigbauan Church


Worship Companion – September 5 2021

We’ve wrapped up our summer sermon series “We the Church.” Where does the time go? Yet we are called to keep walking in lock-step with Jesus every day, so let’s carry on into a new adventure! For us, that going to include a short series in September called the “September Survey.” 

Wikimedia Commons


Worship Companion – August 29 2021

We’ve been on a six week journey together through our series “We the Church” and now we’ve come to the end. The final challenge in a series full of practical applications is this: Radical Generosity

Title: Heart of the World
Date: 21st century
Artist: Reva, Mikhail
Building: Odessa Children’s Hospital