Worship Companion – November 1 2020

We’re taking a break in the middle of our “Faithful Then, Faithful Now” series to talk a bit about making disciples. Pastor Claran Martin, our Regional Minister will be joining us this week and talking about why we should bother with the hard work on making disciples when it is so much easier to just put on special events that deliver cool experiences and communicate information in interesting ways.

“Christ Calling the Apostles Peter and Andrew”  – Date: 1308-1311 Artist: Duccio, di Buoninsegna, d. 1319


Worship Companion – October 25 2020

We’re three weeks in to our Faithful Then, Faithful Now series. On Thanksgiving Sunday, we talked about God’s faithfulness in providing a place for his people. Last week we talked about God giving a purpose to his people, and this week we’re looking at the point of it all – people.

Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath


Worship Companion – October 18 2020

We are one week past Thanksgiving, but let’s not forget that “thanksgiving” is an attitude that will transform our perspective all year long. What is something God has done for you that you are thankful for. Think about it for a moment – pray, and tell Him that you are thankful!
Let’s dive in together this week…

Worship Companion – October 11 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Sunday!
It might be a year that we are temped to despair over the Thanksgiving long weekend. So much has been sacrificed this year for the health and safety of others. Many of us have been through times of sadness, disappointment, frustration, and more. We have gone through the “stages of grief” this year for a multitude of reasons.

Worship Companion – September 27 2020

Welcome to our third week of journeying through John 16 together. We’re still processing the huge changes that are at work in our church – namely COVID and the departing of our beloved founding Pastor Ralph Van Oostveen to go serve at our Evangelical Missionary Church in Lindsay, ON. Yet, we have much to be thankful for – and that works well with our theme this week!

Worship Companion – September 20 2020

Theme of the Week: Your Sorrow Will Turn Into Joy

Pencil Drawing – http://denazaret.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/juan-3-16-21-vino-la-luz-al-mundo/

It seems like the most unlikely thing in the world that the terrible, humiliating execution of Jesus could result in the movement of salvation and love of God that kick-started the New Creation and the coming Kingdom of God. Yet, that’s exactly what Jesus said would happen in John 16:20– “your pain will turn into joy.”

Worship Companion – September 13 2020

Through every period of grief in our lives we must pass through a time of reconciliation. This doesn’t mean that the other person has done you any wrong. Quite often the reconciliation is needed because through any time of grief we can easily become frustrated. Our expectations, hopes and plans were not realized. Frustration with another person, with ourselves, or even with God can set in.

Reconciliation — Josephina Vasconcellos, Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, England

This week as we embark on the first leg of our “Take It Slow” series, we take a moment in the worship companion to acknowledge that we may be harbouring feelings on disappointment, lost dreams, and simply the sadness of Pastor Ralph and Kim going in a season when we may have felt we simply weren’t ready or prepared for this to happen.
The Theme: Take it Slow
       Processing change is hard. Missing Pastor Ralph and Kim is hard, too. This week we’re simply acknowledging where we’re at, and the kid’s lesson in particular is a reminder to not lose heart in times of change and transition!
Anchor Texts:
   This text may strike you as odd, and perhaps it doesn’t hit the mark for what you’re feeling right now in our church transition, but perhaps there is another area of your life where this warning about reconciliation will hit home.
     Again, while this text is about a much more sinister rift between Joseph and his brothers, the text issues the same challenge, and this time with further explanation which is very true for us here at UTMC right now – though this process might hurt, God is using it for good.
The Theme in Art:

Maurice Harron, Hands Across the Divide. http://diglib.library.vanderbilt.edu/act-imagelink.pl?RC=57560

This statue in Northern Ireland depicts the efforts of two sides to reach across the rift that has grown between them and offer compassion and grace where once hurting hearts prevailed. We, too, can learn a lesson from this statue. In all our affairs we are called by Christ to reach out to one another. To bless and love the people God has put in our lives. We bless and love Pastor Ralph and Kim, for example! Though we miss them, our arms continue to be reached out to them in support as they also embark on a journey of transition in their Kingdom work.
The Theme for Kids:
Remember, we can trust God through all the changes, twists, and turns of life!


Worship Companion – September 6 2020

Your voice burns within the depths of our being,
O God of our ancestors,
and draws us into your presence and service.
We cry out to you, O LORD
to speak a word of comfort,
that we may proclaim to all the earth
the glory of your name. Amen.

Worship Companion – August 29 2020

Theme: Living a Faithful Christian Life
Living like Jesus… it’s easier said than done. We’re all on a path of following Jesus, much like in the story of Pilgrim’s progress. The whole point of following Jesus is to BECOME more like him. When we become more like Jesus, we actually become more like the people we were meant to be. 

Worship Companion – August 23 2020

It’s been a big week of change at UTMC.
This week we’re going to look a little closer at God’s faithfulness in our worship companion blog. This theme runs through every week of our worship gatherings, no matter the scripture passage, topic, or season. God is ALWAYS faithful!
Do you have a story of God’s faithfulness? Share it in a comment below! Read more