Worship Companion – December 13 2020

Three weeks strong into Advent and we’re just scratching the surface of this season of hope and light!
Anchor Verses:
Can you find the thread linking these anchor passages together? 
I’ll give you a moment to read them, and try to answer that question.

“New Song” – Unknown Artist c. 12th century


Worship Companion – December 6 2020

It’s Advent!
We took the week off last week, but I hope you’re ready to dive into week two of Advent together! First, it’s also good to be on the same page about what we’re doing in Advent – what is this season about any way?
The general idea is that Advent is all about the “COMING” of God. People had a lot of different expectations of what that would look like 2000 years ago when God came to Earth, and no one predicted it happening quite like it did. 

Worship Companion – November 22 2020

The Good Shepherd.

“Shepherd” Samuel Palmer, 1827

This week we’re finishing up our series called “Faithful Then, Faithful Now.” We’ve covered a lot of ground in this series, ranging the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation to see how God has been at work in the world and how He continues to act today.

Worship Companion – November 15 2020

Is God Faithful today? YES! But How? What does his faithfulness look like? In the Old Testament, his faithfulness was tied to the Throne of David an God’s presence in the Temple. Last week we learned that the physical stone Temple is not the focus any longer, instead the people of God are the temple and God dwells in US. But what about the throne of David…

Worship Companion – November 8 2020

We’re back!
Last week was the perfect interlude to our series on “Faithful Then, Faithful Now” in which we are looking at stories of God’s faithfulness throughout the past and right up to the present day.

“Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream”
Martin Luther King

Worship Companion – November 1 2020

We’re taking a break in the middle of our “Faithful Then, Faithful Now” series to talk a bit about making disciples. Pastor Claran Martin, our Regional Minister will be joining us this week and talking about why we should bother with the hard work on making disciples when it is so much easier to just put on special events that deliver cool experiences and communicate information in interesting ways.

“Christ Calling the Apostles Peter and Andrew”  – Date: 1308-1311 Artist: Duccio, di Buoninsegna, d. 1319


Worship Companion – October 25 2020

We’re three weeks in to our Faithful Then, Faithful Now series. On Thanksgiving Sunday, we talked about God’s faithfulness in providing a place for his people. Last week we talked about God giving a purpose to his people, and this week we’re looking at the point of it all – people.

Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath


Worship Companion – October 18 2020

We are one week past Thanksgiving, but let’s not forget that “thanksgiving” is an attitude that will transform our perspective all year long. What is something God has done for you that you are thankful for. Think about it for a moment – pray, and tell Him that you are thankful!
Let’s dive in together this week…

Worship Companion – October 11 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Sunday!
It might be a year that we are temped to despair over the Thanksgiving long weekend. So much has been sacrificed this year for the health and safety of others. Many of us have been through times of sadness, disappointment, frustration, and more. We have gone through the “stages of grief” this year for a multitude of reasons.

Worship Companion – September 27 2020

Welcome to our third week of journeying through John 16 together. We’re still processing the huge changes that are at work in our church – namely COVID and the departing of our beloved founding Pastor Ralph Van Oostveen to go serve at our Evangelical Missionary Church in Lindsay, ON. Yet, we have much to be thankful for – and that works well with our theme this week!