Friday Five Focus & Prayer June 25 2021

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We want to pray for those Graduating Grades 6, 8, and 12.  What a challenging couple of years of school it has been and we are so proud of our graduates.

Friday Five Focus & Prayer June 18 2021

Thank You Dad Shoes Church Website BannerGod, Our Father, Father of all fathers,

We thank you for the innumerable gifts you give
You bless us with the sunrise and the sunset
We’ll thank you and praise you as long as we live.

If not for you, El Shaddai, Abba, God and Father,
We would never have been born nor ever know you;
You have loved us with an everlasting love for all time
We shall praise you ~ and glorify your Holy Name, too.

To reconcile us to yourself, you sent your only Son
To save us from the slavery of evil and of all sin;
If not for your love and plan in the fullness of time,
We shudder at the thought of where we might have been.

Your glory shines all around and about you, Father;
Your radiance and majesty fill us with joy and elation
When we contemplate your goodness and mercy
We praise you with unbridled jubilation
We await in anticipation
the grand celebration
When with the mighty trumpet blast
You will come again, at last
And take us to the place you have prepared
Simply because you cared
For us,

lowly children…





for ever and ever!

By: Carmela Patterson 

Father God we thank you for the Fathers in our church and in our lives.  We pray for the dads today, that they would find their strength in you.  We ask that as they raise their children or encourage and support them in later years, you would provide all wisdom and guidance they need.  Bless them each today Lord, in your name we pray, Amen.

Friday Five Focus & Prayer June 11 2021

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By Jesse Britton:

I’ve enjoyed my job for the last decade or so, but was feeling that God had something different ahead for me.  As my primary work slowed down this year, it gave me an opportunity to refocus on what direction to go next.  The focus became on supporting my family through schooling in a pandemic, while also pursuing various vocation opportunities.  

Friday Five Focus & Prayer May 21 2021

By: Pastor Nate
We are followers together in “The Way” of Jesus. “The Way” is probably the oldest name for the Christian life. It was the title first used by early followers of Jesus in the book of Acts to describe the new journey they were on. Our denomination (The Evangelical Missionary Church) uses this language of the way to talk about our life of discipleship. We have 7 statements in “The Way of Jesus” that we seek to live by. Read more

Friday Five Focus & Prayer May 14 2021

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Lisa Britton
As many of you know by now, I am often encouraged by worship songs.  Music rooted in God’s Word has been a constant source of encouragement to me through my entire life.  It also has become a way of “preaching the Gospel to myself” in recent times of loss and grief.  In times of discouragement, disappointment, disbelief, as Christians we know we need to fix our eyes on Christ, but often our mind wanders and our gaze can become fixed on the things around us instead.  In those moments, we need to continually preach the truth of Christ to ourselves.  

Friday Five Focus & Prayer May 7 2021


To Every Mother,

Whether you have experienced joy, longevity, deep relationships, and contentment; whether you have experienced loss, exhaustion, distance, or pain, we acknowledge you, we see you, we are thankful for you, we pray for you, and we love you.

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Friday Five & Focus April 30 20201

Lisa Britton
We have had a week full of prayer requests at UTMC.  I couldn’t think of anything other than “PRAY” for today’s Friday Focus.  Prayer is a powerful weapon against the enemy.  We have the opportunity to approach God’s throne with confidence that He hears each and everything we pray (1 John 5:14).  As Pastor Nate shared a couple of weeks ago, God wants to hear or requests big or small.  Right now, we are faced with some big requests as a church, and Paul gave these instructions in Ephesians 6:18:  “Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayer and requests.  With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all of the Lord’s people.”  Read more

Friday Five Focus & Prayer April 23, 2021

Do Not Be Anxious
Lisa Britton
It’s easy to find myself back in a place where anxiety creeps in.  When I look at the world around me, my eyes seeing the despair and troubles, my heart sinks with anxiety.  But as soon as I lift my eyes back to the Lord, I find my heart encouraged and strengthened.  These days, we hear a lot about “stay positive” and “we’re in this together”, as if that is where or strength comes from.  And while yes, we are absolutely to encourage each other and walk together, as Christian’s we believe our strength comes from our Hope in our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Read more

Friday Five Focus & Prayer April 16 2021

Little Answers
Pastor Nate

It is very good to pray for big things like healings, restored marriages, breakthroughs from addiction, and for many other things that God absolutely can and wants to do to show his goodness and grace to people. Though we don’t always get the answers we want to these big prayers, we celebrate the fruit that we see, and we thank God for working on our hearts and minds in these situations, too. Yet there is another type of prayer that we can practice, too. Small prayers, about the little events of our day. Don’t misunderstand, all prayer that God answers is miraculous and we can be overjoyed and awe-struck by anything God does, but these “little” prayers are so important in helping us learn to reach out and bless others and invite them to follow Him.

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Friday Five Focus & Prayer April 9 2021

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Showing Love…Sharing Hope
Throughout the last year, we have been a church that has committed to serving our community.  We have seen needs and met them.  We have thought of creative ways to reach out to our neighbours and show the Love of God.  There have been meals to teachers, gift cards to bus drivers, coffee and donuts to the nursey home, meals for the food bank clients, grocery cards to those in need, gift cards with a handmade gift to the Meals on Wheels drivers.  Many of you have reached out personally to those around you and have been the arms & feet of Jesus. Read more