Worship Companion – October 24 2021

Welcome back to the worship companion! After a couple weeks off, I am back and I’ve been thinking, it’s good to be back. What I mean is, it’s good to be gathering together, back with my brothers and sisters and worshipping God together.

Multitude of Worshippers – Gregory Stanton

Worship Companion – October 3 2021

Welcome to October!
This is a month of preparations for Upper Thames Missionary Church. We are preparing for the next big step as we walk with Christ, namely the arrival of Brian and Paula Smith, our new Associate Pastoral Family and their three children Ezra, Emery, and Evangeline.

“Pathway to Autumn” by Paul Oakley ca. 2015

Worship Companion – September 26 2021

Welcome to our fourth and final week of the “September Survey!”

Title: Ecumenical Window
Date: 1976
Building: Old Stone Church (Cleveland, Ohio)

In our texts today, we are reminded that within the Christian fellowship we sometimes stumble upon partnerships in the gospel where we don’t expect them. The Kingdom of God is bigger than our little circles, yes, bigger than our particular church traditions. Let us be reminded today of the grand size of God’s Kingdom.

Worship Companion – September 19 2021

Psalm 85, by John August Swanson

Wisdom is not just words, it is also deeds. And while “peace” is met with skepticism in our day, as Christians, we are confident that the fruit of living peaceably will bring a harvest of justice and truth to come.

Worship Companion – September 12 2021

The heavens declare the Glory of God!

Title: God with Angels and Saints
Notes: This large mosaic over the altar was created by a local Philippine artist
Date: 20th-21st centuries
Building: Tigbauan Church


Worship Companion – September 5 2021

We’ve wrapped up our summer sermon series “We the Church.” Where does the time go? Yet we are called to keep walking in lock-step with Jesus every day, so let’s carry on into a new adventure! For us, that going to include a short series in September called the “September Survey.” 

Wikimedia Commons


Worship Companion – August 29 2021

We’ve been on a six week journey together through our series “We the Church” and now we’ve come to the end. The final challenge in a series full of practical applications is this: Radical Generosity

Title: Heart of the World
Date: 21st century
Artist: Reva, Mikhail
Building: Odessa Children’s Hospital


Worship Companion – August 22 2021

We’re into our 5th and penultimate week of the series “We The Church.” This week, our focus is The Church: A Place of Communion. As we enter into a new season this fall, I’m also changing the format of the Worship Companion slightly. I’ve always seen this blog as a way to help people prepare to worship God and I’m including a few different elements and working on the arrangement to encourage us all to prepare our hearts and for those who seek out a Connect Group or a similar setting, there are more resources for your time together.

Title: Daily Life
Notes: An embroidery by a community women’s group in Cairo showing a scene of village life.
Date: 2008
Object/Function: Needlework


Worship Companion – August 15 2021

We the Church: Shining the Spotlight
See the source image
We are into our fourth week in our “We the Church” series. God has made a people for himself by sending the Spirit, he has made us into a place of healing, and he has invited us on a journey together. Now we’re talking about making this story known to the people around us who haven’t joined the journey… yet!
How we describe what has happened to us and the person who has saved us is crucial. It’s even more important than a witness speaking during a very important trial about what they have seen and heard. We are witnesses of the coming of the King and the establishment of His Kingdom and other people need to know this world and it’s inhabitants are being reclaimed by Christ.

Worship Companion – August 8 2021

Shanna Bruschi, The Walking Man

“Walking” is one of the most common metaphors we use to describe the life of following Jesus. We talk about “Our Walk” with Jesus. Have we missed something significant, though? Are we too often walking alone instead of walking together? And one more thing, what do we make of the fact that so many people are still “walking” away from Christ and His church? This week, we’re talking about the long journey together.