Friday Five Focus & Prayer April 9 2021

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Showing Love…Sharing Hope
Throughout the last year, we have been a church that has committed to serving our community.  We have seen needs and met them.  We have thought of creative ways to reach out to our neighbours and show the Love of God.  There have been meals to teachers, gift cards to bus drivers, coffee and donuts to the nursey home, meals for the food bank clients, grocery cards to those in need, gift cards with a handmade gift to the Meals on Wheels drivers.  Many of you have reached out personally to those around you and have been the arms & feet of Jesus.  
Pastor Nate is going to share more on Sunday how we can continue to do this as a church and as individuals, but I wanted to give you an update on another way we have met a need this week and a way we have shown love.
Joan Dixon was made aware that the Mitchell Nursing home was in need of another iPad for their residents to be able to stay in contact with their loved ones.  The couple they had were not enough to be shared regularly.  This need went out to the Board of Directors yesterday as a discussion on how to help.  Before the end of the day, there was an anonymous donation to cover the cost of one iPad for the nursing home and the board approved the purchase of one more.  (There will be more information on how you can give towards one of them coming soon.)  This afternoon, TWO iPads will be purchased from a local store in Mitchell and delivered to the Nursing Home! 
Church, this is love in action.  These residents are lonely and isolated, missing their loved ones terribly.  The iPads will give them a direct connection to family and allow more residents to have a turn more regularly.  
Before this all unfolded yesterday, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to remind our MP that he is supported and prayed for.  It does not matter what you agree with or don’t in terms of politics…what matters that we show love and pray for our leadership.  The people in Government are human and God loves them!
So yesterday, the Nater family had a succulent planter and card delivered to them from UTMC (paid for by a donation). 
The card read: 
To the Nater Family,

Thank you for all you do for our community!  We know that this is not an easy time to be in government, but we appreciate you and your strong commitment to serve our area.  You are loved and prayed for. 

Upper Thames Missionary Church 
These are just two examples of how UTMC has shown God’s love just since yesterday.  We want to encourage you to think outside of the box in how you can show love in our community.  It does not need to cost money either.  A simple, card, email or text reminding small businesses or front line workers how much you appreciate them goes a long way.  Showing up and caring for someone’s flower beds, shows love.  The list is endless and we encourage you to pray and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading on how you can love our community.  And as always, if you have a need or know of a need within our own church community, we are here to help.
Dear Lord, as we enter yet another season of staying at home, we know that this is an extremely difficult season for so many.  Lord, we ask that you would give us sensitive hearts to that break for what breaks yours.  For us to not feel the burden of being a polarized society, but to be your hands and feet in our community.  To show up with love and to share hope.  May we be listening to your Holy Spirit’s prompting and be obedient to His directions.  We pray that as we show love we would be disciple making Christian’s that show your Hope God.  Thank you for the blessing of serving in the body of Christ.  Amen
Prayer Request:
We also have a prayer request called in this morning to the church office.  Ruth Boonstra called disappointed to share that Ron’s knee surgery has been cancelled due to the Ontario order to cancel all non life saving surgeries as of Monday.  Ron went for all of his pre-op testing (including a Covid test) this morning only to return home to this phone call cancelling surgery.  Ron & Ruth have waited for this surgery for such a long time and have been isolating leading up to it so that it could go ahead.  As you can imagine, this is extremely difficult for them.  Would you join us in prayer for them as they process this news and wait again for another date?  We can be praying for the many that will also be facing this news across Ontario over the next couple of days.  
in other news…
SCRIPTURE MEMORY:  We have a couple of people who will be joining Alli to recite the memory verse.  If there is anyone else who would like to join them, email the church office before Sunday morning.
Kids Clipboards:  There are a few colouring clipboards at the door into the sanctuary for children to use.  As well, there are several pre-school/young elementary colouring pages in the nursery and some clipboards with them that children can use if you are in the nursery with them.  There should be enough pages in there for the next few weeks.
SUNDAY SERMON:  We look forward to Bruce Michael preaching this Sunday from the passages Phil. 2:19-24 & 2 Tim. 4:9-13

CELEBRATE RECOVERY is open to anyone 18 years of age and over.  Gender and issue specific small groups for women and men are meeting on Zoom every Monday evening.  Struggling with a hurt, habit or hang-up?  Why not give CR a chance?  To learn more or to get connected:  519-271-8692 or


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