Friday Five Focus & Prayer May 21 2021

By: Pastor Nate
We are followers together in “The Way” of Jesus. “The Way” is probably the oldest name for the Christian life. It was the title first used by early followers of Jesus in the book of Acts to describe the new journey they were on. Our denomination (The Evangelical Missionary Church) uses this language of the way to talk about our life of discipleship. We have 7 statements in “The Way of Jesus” that we seek to live by.
The first one is: “I have begun following Jesus and am depending on the Spirit of Jesus in my journey.” This weekend as we pray, serve, and prepare to worship on Sunday, I’d like us to pay special attention to that last half of that statement. Since it is Pentecost Sunday, we have a special reminder this week of God personal Presence with us as the Holy Spirit dwells in each person who follows Jesus. Words cannot describe the blessing that this is! He is a gift, yes, our power for living, yes, our strength in times of trouble, yes, but so much more! He is GOD with us! Jesus is “Emmanuel” which means “God with us” and that is still true because Jesus sent the Spirit to fill us up after He ascended.
              All this means that if Jesus is still with us, and he is the King of the Universe, and He has given us a job and the power to do it, then let’s trust him and do it! Depend on the Spirit today in everything you do, whether it be conversations, acts of service, wrestling through a tough decision, or bringing your griefs and shame to Him to bear for you. Depend on HIM!
Holy Spirit, true God, thank you for the unspeakable gift of your constant, loving, presence with me today. Teach me to be more aware of Your presence, help me obey and go where you lead. Show me how to live today for the glory of the Kingdom and the Honour of my Lord and my God. Through Christ Jesus I pray. Amen.


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