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Read over this waiver before continuing. UTMC Waiver (Online Version)


    In an emergency we need to know where to find you.

    For Volunteers:
    We are always welcoming new helpers and teachers for Kids of the King.
    Get to know the Role:
    Being a good helper and teacher has everything to do with your heart. Do you love kids? Do you want to see them following Jesus? Then you are most likely the kind of person who should be teaching them! Taking time to prepare for the lesson involves praying for the kids and looking through the curriculum to select your activities for the day. Beginning this fall, each teacher will typically teach each every Sunday from 10:10-10:45am for one month. Expect to teach about 2-3 months each year.
    We also have opportunities available for people to serve in the nursery!
    Get to know the Role:
    If you love babies and toddlers, this is your please to serve! The nursery has a very flexible schedule. In a three month period expect to help out on about 3 Sundays. Please note, for some of the Nursery workers this will still involve missing a worship service from time-to-time this fall (either the 9:00am or 11:00am), but the good news is you will be free to attend the alternate worship service!
    For more information contact Pastor Nate at the church office.
    Serving in these ministries involves a Child Protection Policy check.