Missionary Update Alyssa Van Oostveen July 2020

Hello Church family,

So the internship is now over and we as a base are moving into a summer season! So I thought I’d give you an update how the internship was, as well as what my plans are from this moment forward!

First of all the internship was so good! It was very busy, I mentioned it a few times to people here, but I felt like when I showed up, I sorta hit the ground running with jumping in with this great group of people! I thrive in a busy environment, especially one with such creativity, hard working people and good stories to tell! 

When I first arrived, the internship was in a more chill phase. People preparing their films to shoot in a month. Scripts were being written, crews assembled, and props getting collected. It was funny because going into all of this, my mindset was, “I am here to serve, and to help in any way I can” Ended up being more involved than I thought. Right off the bat I was asked to DP 4 short films. (For those who don’t know DP is Director of Photography, which is the camera person) I felt so honoured because that was a field in film I wanted to grow in. So I had a ton of work ahead of me, creating shot lists, which meant reading all the scripts, and meeting with all the directors. It was a very busy time to say the least. Rebecca, one of the internship leaders, asked me if I wanted to write and direct my own short, so of course I said yes! SO….. on top of DP 4 short films, I was also writing and preparing to film my own film! We had the premiere for all our films on the 27th of June, it was so good! In total we shot 10 short films in 2 months…. It was a lot, most weeks not having much of a weekend, but we were all hard workers and committed to sharing each persons story!


It was such a time of growing both in craft, and with God. We had a word spoken over our internship, “we are wall breakers” That was what this season was. Walls came up in all of us, things from our past, things we are going through now, and we as a group and with God had so much breakthrough! You may or may not know this about me, but I went through a lot of breakthrough myself, particularly in my self image. I have been struggling with this for a while, and even a few years back went through an eating disorder that, to this day I am still dealing with the effects of. But God is good, and He really took me through some walls! I ended up opening up to the group about food, and the stress I had. One other girl working with us expressed the same issue and her and I have really bonded and helped each other through that! I have been discovering the fear of man at the root of these issues and I have been working at finding my identity in Christ, not in other people. God is good, and His love endures forever!


I have been growing and stretching a ton with the Lord, and through all of this I have seen so many different sides of him, with each wall I come up against. Sometimes Him and I just bust through the walls! Other times I was slowly climbing over them, with Him there to catch me every time I slipped up. I saw His nurturing spirit, but also his head strong side. The support and the leader! It truly was a time of moving forward, and establishing a stronger root in Jesus.


Well that is all of the internship updates out of the way, so now looking forward, I wanted to keep you in the loop with where God is leading me, and what I am thinking of doing for the next season. In my last update I said I was here till December serving with the YWAM Dunham base, and I am still planning on doing that. For after though, I have felt a strong call from God to keep serving the Film and Acting schools, so I am taking it one year at a time, but I have committed to the next school for 2021! It’s excited all the work God is doing in this small town of Dunham and I feel called to be here as a support!

One of the new things that goes along with me being here for a year, is I am investing in French classes. I feel it is time I start to learn French to better serve and honour the place God has placed me. The base also is starting to do evangelism outings every Friday and through the weekend, going to beaches and parks and just talking with and praying for people about Jesus and the good news! IT’s a super exciting time and I am looking forward to being a part of that, and learning French would just make being involved so much easier! 


To close off this letter, I just wanted to say a huge thank you! Thank you for your support, being prayer and finance. It really means the world that I am able to follow God’s will for my life with you having my back and praying for me as I follow him! It is super humbling, I never would have thought that I would be living In Quebec, serving this province, and using my skills and storytelling skills to spread the kingdom of God here! It’s a wild time, full of ups and downs, but it is amazing to have you praying for me through all of it, and your donation is such a blessing for me! 


I look forward to this next year, and excited to see God continue to work in Quebec!


Blessings on you!



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