Missionary Update Michael Van Oostveen June 2020

Guatemala update

            Dear Church, I trust all is with you. We are living in crazy times in our world. COVID 19 has taken its toll on the world. I am praying that you and your families are staying safe and that you can see God’s hand in everything. It may not be easy always, but it is so important that we are putting our faith in God. He has promised to be with us in everything when we call upon his name. Psalms 145:18 (Nlt) The Lord is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him in truth.  

            The reason for this letter is to give you an update on what I am doing here in Guatemala during this time of COVID 19. Your support during this time is a huge blessing and the Lord is using your support to continue to work in Guatemala. No virus is going to stop our God from moving in the world.

            Our mission was forced to shut classes down in March due to COVID 19. It was such a quick transition but like for the rest of the world we needed to take the right precautions to make sure everybody was going to be safe. I remember at that time wondering if I should go home to Canada. I was in the process of getting a ticket, but very quickly the President of Guatemala shut down our airport and I could not leave. I remember feeling torn, because I wanted to go home but at the same time, I was happy that I was staying in Guatemala. I am still here in Guatemala and am doing well.

            The virus has been spreading withing the country, but I am happy to say the town I live in Parramos has only had 5 cases to date and our municipality is taking every precaution possible. I am praying for continued protection for this Country.

            I have had the opportunity to still work in the school a couple days of the week. We have so many generous donations in the mission, that the mission is able to provide food and hygiene products for the families in the school.  I have had the pleasure of putting food bags together and handing them out to families. What a blessing it is to see God’s hand move through this pandemic. He is using the support you give the mission to bless families here. The need is great, and every little bit of support makes a difference. Thank you for caring for our mission.

I also have had opportunities to serve in the community. I have done some personal work by supplying food bags for families that are in need. It has been such an eye-opening experience travelling to different parts in my town. My eyes are constantly being open. God put Romans 12:13 on my heart among other verses. “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” I would not be doing what God was asking me to do if I couldn’t help out where I can and follow His call.

I felt the call to be more active on social media in sharing the Gospel message. In the past couple months, I have uploaded a few videos on my YouTube page. I have also done some Facebook live videos. In the videos I share about what God has put on my heart. My hope in these videos is that people will hear the salvation message. I hope that people will realize their errors and come to the One who is calling their names. Nobody is perfect but I hope through my experiences people will be able to see His grace and mercy. I have had a good response to these videos, but for me it is not important how many people watch. For me I just want the person to feel encouraged.

I am still living at the same place as before and it is going well. I have made getting into better shape a priority during this time as I do have more time in the house. I have been doing a workout program called “Insanity” since the end of April. I have seen some positive results since starting the program and changing my diet a little bit.

I have also been watching online services and listening to podcasts. Like Canada (and I know its starting to change for you) we have not been able to gather as a congregation. It has been nice to listen to some different pastors.

2020 has not gone the way I thought it would, but though it all I have seen God’s faithfulness. He has provided me with safety and the constant support from you. I am extremely grateful and am looking for how to continue to serve. I do not know when I will be home next, but I trust God will continue to guide me as we make these decisions for the future. Once again thank you for your support and may God continue to provide for you.

Serving Him,

Michael Van Oostveen

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  1. Gerry Phillips says:

    So nice to hear of all your positive remarks in a topsy turvey world. It is wonderful to see how the Lord is directing you Michael and that you respond in such a loving obedient way to your calling. I know you don’t know me but I pray for you everyday that the Lord will keep you well and protect you . He is a faithful God and you are a faithful servant. God bless you always and we will look forward to your next home coming. Until then keep being the blessing that you are.
    Gerry Phiilips

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