Pastor’s Piece on the Master’s Peace #38

Luke 5:5

“But Simon answered and said to Him, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless, at Your word I will let down the net”



What do you do when your best is not good enough? You study like crazy for a test and still only pull off a “C”. The truth is that life can be tough sometimes and we may be tempted to give up.

            You might have a tough financial situation, a rough marriage and try as you might; your situation never seems to get better.

            In todays devotional, I would like to encourage you with this fact, that I believe God has a very clear simple solution for all of us who fail.

            I would encourage you to take the time today to read Luke 5:1-11 as part of understanding the back story to the principles we will address.

            What I would like us to do is look at the comparison between the two catches.

            The disciples had fished all night and caught nothing, but later they go out and in 10 minutes they catch more than they can handle.

            Notice that it was the same lake, the same nets, the same boat, and the same people fishing; so what made the difference? To answer that I would like to introduce the first of three principles we can see in this story.

PRINCIPLE #1 Include Gods Presence In Your Life: Luke 5:3

Then He got into one of the boats, which was Simon’s, and asked him to put out a little from the land. And He sat down and taught the multitudes from the boat.”

The starting point for overcoming failure is that you’ve got to get Jesus in your boat. In Peter’s life, his boat represented his livelihood. For Peter, his boat was his business. In essence, Jesus used Peter’s business as a platform for ministry. Have you ever considered letting God use your business or workplace as a platform for ministry?

Too many times we try to separate the secular and the spiritual. Never the twain shall meet. God and your faith are nicely tucked far away from “Real” world living. Yet, I dare say that God wants to be involved in every facet of your life. Your enjoyment and your employment!

God will bless anything we give to Him.

Rick Warren in his book entitled “Answers to Life’s Difficult Questions” remarks that if you give God all of your life, he will bless all of it. If you give God part of your life, He blesses only the part given to Him.

I have learned to give God all of my life. There are times when I want to take it back, but I’ve learned that when I trust God with all of my life, fear of failure is removed.

There is something about having Jesus in control of your life, that eliminates the fear of failure.

When we planted this church, the possibility of failure was huge. Yet, I and the initial leadership of this congregation stepped boldly into the future, not afraid of failure because we knew Jesus was in our boat.       

When Peter made Christ his fishing partner, the results where mind blowing. He caught more fish than he could ever have done on his own.

            The scriptures give us a very clear sequence however.

  1. Peter used his boat for Christ’s purposes
  2. Jesus took that boat and used it as a ministry platform
  3. God took care of Peter’s needs.

The bible reminds us in Matt 6:33-34

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.  NKJV

Tomorrow we will address the second principle of Overcoming Failure.