Pastor’s Piece on the Master’s Peace #39

Luke 5:4

When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” NKJV



            Yesterday we introduced the idea that God intends to help us over come failure in our lives. All of us fail at one time or another and sometimes that failure can be debilitating. Yet, when we look at this story found in Luke 5, we can gain some perspective on our failure and see that God has given us some principles to apply to our lives when we do find ourselves in a place of failure.

            Yesterday we introduced the first of three principles. PRINCIPLE #1 Include Gods Presence In Your Life: Luke 5:3. The starting point for overcoming failure is that you’ve got to get Jesus in your boat. In Peter’s life, his boat represented his livelihood. For Peter, his boat was his business. In essence, Jesus used Peter’s business as a platform for ministry. We then asked the question: Have you ever considered letting God use your business or workplace as a platform for ministry?

            The second principle of overcoming failure is

PRINCIPLE #2 – Cooperate With God: Luke 5:4

When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” NKJV

            We must not only appropriate Gods presence in our lives, but we must be obedient to Him when He is there. Notice that Jesus told Peter, where to fish, when to fish and how to fish.

            God has called us to be fishers of men. This means we carry a message that God wants all to hear. When God is in control of your life, He will tell you where to witness, when to Witness and how to witness.

            Do you find though, as I do, that while I may not say it out loud, in my heart I’m arguing with God in these matters. “God, you want me to witness to them? Don’t You know they hate me and hate You?” “God I can’t change my plans in order to witness to them. That ground is Stoney ground God!” God don’t You know that I can’t openly talk about my faith in this environment (School, work, sports). I could lose my reputation, maybe even my job.

            Peter could have argued with Jesus on this point. He was the expert on fishing and clearly this was not the place to catch fish.  But, I love the fact that Peter was obedient to the Lord, right away. He didn’t argue. He didn’t use reason. Obedience in faith often at first looks unreasonable and maybe even fool-hardy. Faith made Abraham leave his own country to go to a land that God would show him. (Gen 12:1) Faith made the Centurion travel far on behalf of his daughter to seek out a healing from Jesus. (Luke 7)

I love this fact as well in the story of Peter and Jesus and his fishing expedition. Jesus seemed completely unphased by the fact that Peter had not caught anything all night. Here once again, is a principle we must not miss. God does not consult your past failures to determine your worth for His work and blessing in your life today. Current obedience brings current and future blessings.

            Jesus instructed Peter to launch into deeper water. Why? I believe it is because the bigger fish are in the deeper water. You only catch minnows in shallow water. If God is going to work powerfully in your life, he is going to ask you to get into deeper water for Him.

            When God works in your life it always involves risk.

            What are you willing to risk for Jesus today? What will be the cost of obedience, or maybe better still, the question should be. What will be the cost of disobedience? Could it be that God has some big fish He wants you to catch? Will you and I be willing to push out into deeper water?

            Tomorrow, principle #3 of “Overcoming Failure.”