Gates of Splendor

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Pastor Ralph talked about the five big questions about Heaven.

1. Is Heaven a real place? Yes!!!! (Isaiah 66:1 and John 14:1-4)

2. What will we look like in Heaven? (Philippians 3:21a)

3. What will we be doing in Heaven? (Revelation 22:3)

4.Will I know my family and friends?

5.Who will go to Heaven? (Romans 10:9)


Questions to Ponder

Based on 1 Corinthians 15:35-58

Q1. How will the resurrected body be different from the earthly body? How does the analogy of the seed in (vs. 36-38,42-44) clarify the difference?

Q2. What is the point in comparing Adam and Christ (vs. 45-49)? In this regard what does verse 49 mean?

Q3. In verses 35-58, what words are most comforting to one who has lost a loved one in death?

Q4. How important is it for Christians to share the truths of this passages with others? Why?