Worship Companion – April 18 2021

We’re finishing one chapter and beginning a new one! This week is time to reflect on what God has been saying and doing in our lives over the past 3 months through the “New Rhythm” series of sermons, as well as to prepare ourselves for the Philippians series we are about to begin.
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The painting above is by Claude Monet, a French man, and Catholic in faith, living in the late 19th century. Many of his paintings are of beautiful pastoral scenes and water, thus often including “reflections.” The painting above is called “Twilight” and it is from Venice, Italy, a place that would have its fair share of “reflections.” As we reflect this week on what God has been saying to us, I thought it would be fitting to include a painting of a reflection to help us engage in thinking back on our experiences in the messages over the past months. If you are anything like me, and anything like a reflection in water, you’ll find the reflection is always a little faded, a little distorted, from the original. Our memories aren’t often perfect, and we colour the reflection slightly differently as we look back on it. I think God works through this in two ways. One, it reveals our imperfection and God pulls us toward his perfection. We see at once that we are limited and imperfect, like a reflection in water, or as Paul puts it “in a dark glass” or “dim mirror.” But these reflections, when we engage in the process with prayer and meditation, are also coloured differently because we begin to recognize how God was at work in the past and we see events differently in the light of His grace and revelation. In the moment we don’t always recognize how God is at work, but in reflection, new “divine’ colours emerge, tracing the work of God’s grace that has been carrying us along and teaching us as we follow him.
Anchor Texts- Scripture gives us a foundation of our reflection
What has God been doing in your heart over these past weeks? Paying close attention is important, because if we’re not letting God work on our hearts, then they have a tendency to wander from the things they should be set on (Phil 4:8).
As the proverb goes:
As in water a face reflects the face,
So the heart of a person reflects the person.”
Prov. 27:19
Reflect and Move Forward
Reflection is not merely about looking backward, it is an essential activity on our journey forward toward the prize and the goal of God’s Kingdom fully here as it is in Heaven. The Spirit of God often speaks to us in hindsight, as we reflect on our experiences and what he has led us through. In fact, reflecting on what God has brought us through is arguably one of the greatest themes in the Bible. The Exodus and Passover are the controlling images for all of Israel’s history, and re-instated as the controlling story of our salvation through Christ’s crucifixion at Passover. Worship along with this song as we pause to listen to what God is saying, and we let the Sprit Lead Us together.

Instead of including as much content this week in the Blog, I’d strongly encourage you to simply spend time in quiet, listening prayer as you as God these two questions:
“God, what have you been saying to me lately?”
“What am I to do about it?”
Then go and do it! I’d love to hear from you to help you stay accountable for something God has asked you to do.
God Bless,
Pastor Nate

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