Worship Companion – August 15 2021

We the Church: Shining the Spotlight
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We are into our fourth week in our “We the Church” series. God has made a people for himself by sending the Spirit, he has made us into a place of healing, and he has invited us on a journey together. Now we’re talking about making this story known to the people around us who haven’t joined the journey… yet!
How we describe what has happened to us and the person who has saved us is crucial. It’s even more important than a witness speaking during a very important trial about what they have seen and heard. We are witnesses of the coming of the King and the establishment of His Kingdom and other people need to know this world and it’s inhabitants are being reclaimed by Christ.
Anchor Texts:
Especially vv. 22-26 I would also suggest reading it in a translation like the New International Version, just so you can compare how the sections can be broken up to clarify the meaning and progression of the Psalm. I’ll link it here.
The Theme In Art:
Forgive me, but I’m not an art expert and I can’t use any technical language here. This painting doesn’t emphasize realistic detail. Instead through light and colour, your eye is directed to the face of Christ more than any other part of this piece. This is how we should always strive to live our lives as witnesses to Christ and His Kingdom. We should fade to the background and highlight Christ in all we do. He is our hope, our purpose, our strength and our salvation. The disciples realized this most clearly when they saw their rabbi resurrected and knew he was much more than a teacher, he indeed was the Son of God and the King of the World. 
Title: Thomas Touches Christ's Side [Click for larger image view]

Title: Thomas Touches Christ’s Side Date: 20th century Artist: Iványi-Grünwald, Béla

The Theme in Song:
I’d like for us to watch this particular version of “Christ Be Magnified” because it both encourages me and challenges me for the very same reason. First, it is wonderful to see so many people gathering together to worship Christ– it’s something we’ve missed for so long and this reminder of the collective voice of the saints is powerful. At the same time, this video contains a warning. A man, singing at the centre of a stadium in which tens of thousands of people have paid for tickets to be there with him to worship is indicative of the consumer and celebrity cultures that are always crouching at the door of our churches and worship gatherings. Are we always magnifying Christ when we claim to be? Are we sometimes magnifying our desires, interests, people who do things we like, rather than truly magnifying Christ? Let’s reflect on the encouraging message, the encouraging visuals, but also the ominous visuals of this video. Lord, give us wisdom!

This second song is a type of musical spotlight on Christ. The chorus and verses list challenges of life and attributes of God and everything finds its answer in Jesus.

The Theme For Kids:
What this video does so well is highlight Jesus as the point of the whole Bible and indeed of all history. It’s worth watching for young and old!


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