Worship Companion – August 22 2021

We’re into our 5th and penultimate week of the series “We The Church.” This week, our focus is The Church: A Place of Communion. As we enter into a new season this fall, I’m also changing the format of the Worship Companion slightly. I’ve always seen this blog as a way to help people prepare to worship God and I’m including a few different elements and working on the arrangement to encourage us all to prepare our hearts and for those who seek out a Connect Group or a similar setting, there are more resources for your time together.

Title: Daily Life
Notes: An embroidery by a community women’s group in Cairo showing a scene of village life.
Date: 2008
Object/Function: Needlework

Anchor Texts:
Why highlight Old and New Testament readings this week below? After our message last week, I felt it important to show how these themes we are discussing about the Church are rooted in the Old Testament, and that we need the whole bible to understand our practices and who we are in Christ.
Old Testament – 1 Kings 8 (An abridged version that highlights the theme is – 1,6, 10-11,22-30, 41-43)
New Testament – Acts 2:44,46
Preparation for Worship:
Lord, merciful and gracious One, we have made mistakes and gone about things in our own way. We have not lived in the communion of the saints as you have invited us to. We bring with us suspicions, doubts, reticence, and mistrust. Forgive us, teach us to trust You and your plans for Your church. Show us how to live in communion with You, Triune God, and with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We confess our need, and our trust in you. Amen.
What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word “Communion”?
What various ways is “communion” part of the church?
In what ways do you notice “communion” is lacking in your life?
Have you heard of the phrase “Communion of the saints?” What do you think it means? (Hint: It doesn’t have anything to do with the Lord’s Supper! Check out this link to learn more.
The Theme in Song:
Whenever I hear this song I can’t help but think of Michael Van Oostveen, one of the missionaries our church supports. He went from little Mitchell, Ontario to Guatemala and now speaks fluent Spanish. Like the people in this video, he reminds me that community and communion has potential to expand across boarders we thought impossible, but in God, the Church experiences communion across time, space, and languages! (Note, the song begins in Spanish, but moves into English). The song itself describes the type of communion we are invited into through Christ, a communion built upon love. 

The Theme in Art:

Title: Daily Life
Notes: An embroidery by a community women’s group in Cairo showing a scene of village life.
Date: 2008
Object/Function: Needlework

This embroidery highlights the life together of village women from an unspecified time period. I think there is something intriguing about the fact that this piece of art could be depicting life 500 years ago or present day, because all of these things still matter to small, communal life. The gathering of water, the sowing of crops, the husbandry of animals all support the life of the village. The people depend on each other. While in our culture we depend on each other, we don’t see the people we depend on. Crops are sown in fields hundreds of kilometers away, animals are born, raised and slaughtered in barns far from our homes. Water is regulated by people in offices and housed in towers across town — we only see someone if there is a watermain break in front of our house. We have much to be thankful for to the people who work hard for us to enjoy these things, but the big difference between the way we tend to live and this piece of art, is that these women also enjoy communion with the people they depend on. They are aware of their dependence because they know the people upon whom they depend. We much choose communion so often in our culture – and in the church it is essential that we choose communion, out of obedience, and out of trust, since Christ built a church based on communion, he must know what he’s doing. We might be tempted to think “online church” is sufficient, but while we can sing, pray, and learn anywhere, rich communion demands more than a screen and a keyboard.
The Theme for Kids:
I wish I found this resource about the book of Acts earlier in our series! This video is the first in a series that works through the book of Acts. The church is born and grows in this first video and it walks us through several of the themes we have encountered in our series already!


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