Worship Companion – August 23 2020

It’s been a big week of change at UTMC.
This week we’re going to look a little closer at God’s faithfulness in our worship companion blog. This theme runs through every week of our worship gatherings, no matter the scripture passage, topic, or season. God is ALWAYS faithful!
Do you have a story of God’s faithfulness? Share it in a comment below!
Theme: God’s Faithfulness
We’ll be looking at God’s faithfulness through the life of Moses and Peter this week.
Anchor Texts:
The Theme for Kids:
God’s faithfulness to Moses is AMAZING! It’s also a picture of God’s faithfulness to us today. He watches over us, He brings us through the dangers of the water, and promises to brings us to the promised Land – His new Creation, where we will be with Jesus forever!

The Theme in Art:
What better example of God’s faithfulness do we have than the testimony of the life of Peter, especially throughout Matthew’s gospel. Peter sometimes said the wrong things at the wrong time, he was a bit think and didn’t always realize what was happening, yet Jesus formed him, through years of discipleship, into the chief apostle. God’s love extends to the quickest and slowest – to the ones who say the right things and the wrong things. If we let him, Jesus will still discipline us in his Way. The stained glass below is a powerful witness of the best and worst of Peter. The keys of the kingdom flanked on either side by his story of faith and doubt on the left, with his terrible denial on the right.

Name: Symbols of Peter Date: 1966 Artist: Piper, John, 1903-1992 (Not the popular American Preacher!) Building: St Peter’s Church Object/Function: Stained glass City/Town: Babraham Country: Great Britain

Below are two paintings depicting God’s faithfulness to Moses even as an infant. God’s unmerited grace is obvious in the life of Moses. Purely out of God’s love and divine sovereignty He protects Moses so that God can eventually set his people free. First we see the chaos, excitement, and relief as Moses is found in the basket at the river. Personally, I think the girl in blue is his sister coming to offer the care for Moses in their own household (what an amazing thing!).
Below that is a depiction of a tender moment between the mother of Moses, his sister, and himself as an infant. Do you think this is before sending him down the Nile, or after miraculously receiving him back?

Title: Finding of Moses Date: mid 18th century Artist: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 1696-1770 Building: National Gallery of Scotland Object/Function: Painting City/Town: Edinburgh


Name: Mother of Moses Date: approximately 1860 Artist: Solomon, Simeon, 1840-1905 Building: Delaware Art Museum Object/Function: Painting

The Theme in Song:
God’s faithfulness has shown up in so many ways in scripture. This song is a declaration, but also a retelling of the things God has done. A great song to get to know!

It’s your turn! Has God shown that he is faithful to you? If we pause and reflect, we can all see ways that He has. First, thank Him! Take a moment in prayer. If you’d like to, comment about it below.

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