Worship Companion – August 8 2021

Shanna Bruschi, The Walking Man

“Walking” is one of the most common metaphors we use to describe the life of following Jesus. We talk about “Our Walk” with Jesus. Have we missed something significant, though? Are we too often walking alone instead of walking together? And one more thing, what do we make of the fact that so many people are still “walking” away from Christ and His church? This week, we’re talking about the long journey together.
Anchor Texts:
The Theme In Art:

The Bread Line, 1872, Grigorij Grigorjewitsch Mjassojedow (Russia)

“Evangelism is just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread” 
-D. T. Niles
Have you heard that quote before? I think it illustrates the flawed way of viewing “church” and the Jesus-shaped, biblical way of view church. Too often we see ourselves in the church as a new class that has emerged above the common folk. This often means we end up viewing the church gathering as something that necessarily excludes everyone else. This has filtered into the way Christians live in our modern age, trying to insulate themselves in every way possible from the outside world. While most of us haven’t taken it to the extreme, we adopt it in little ways all over the place in our lives. Then we wonder why it is extremely hard to have a real, faithful, long-term witnessing relationship with our neighbours. We view evangelism like short battle-raids, running into the enemy camp for as little time as possible to say a few words and then get out before we get contaminated.
Taking a cue from scripture should change our minds here. Gathering means fellowship, sharing our story of faith but also listening and considering other’s stories carefully. It means sharing food, it means long-term faithful witness. We see all these elements in our passages from Acts today. We must also take notice that Paul, a travelling missionary, not a long-term, planted Christian like most of us, still set up for 2 years when he found a place where people were peaceful tot he message of Jesus. 
The Theme In Song:

This wonderful song is about the need we have for travelling companions along the difficult road of life. I’ve included the lyrics below, too.

When the load is hard to bear, And the fog of fear envelops you, Let me be the friend to share In the pain that you are walking through. When you stumble on this narrow road And it feels like you’re forsaken, There is one thing that is sure to hold – I am here for you.

Curse the pride and burn the shame When it chokes the voice inside of you; Nothing is too dark to name When you know that I am broken too. When the cries of hurt rage in your head And they goad you to destruction, I can be the voice of calm that says, I am here for you.

There’s a greater Love than mine, That is closer than a brother; Power to break the chains that bind, And to comfort like no other. He has walked this desperate road before And He’s walking here beside you, For through every drought and every storm He is here for you.

The Theme for Kids:
Jesus puts it simply – “Come follow Me!” Following Jesus with parents, friends, and our church family is so important for kids. They learn the Way of Jesus by looking to these older followers in their life – if we aren’t following together, how will out kids learn the way?


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