Worship Companion – December 12 2021

Life is full of upsetting moments. Something awful happens and you or someone you love suffers, and it seems like it makes no sense, like it happened to the wrong person or that it shouldn’t have happened at all. We find ourself asking “where is the justice?”

Church Tapestry at St. Augustine’s Scaynes Hill, UK

We’ll begin with reflecting on their amazing work of art because it sets us up well for meditation on this week’s theme of peaceWe spend our lives on the wrong side of the tapestry, only catching glimpses by God’s grace of the picture that is being formed and filled in. On the other side of the tapestry we see this….

Tapestry Backside

In the first tapestry picture we see the life of Jesus laid out in all it’s facets and the hopeful story comes through. We feel peace knowing the shape and aim of life. Yet in this dark and dim light of the present age we see only the chaotic images of the back of the tapestry, like the second image. We can have peace in the midst of this chaos though, as we trust that one day God will make everything clear and even what was meant for evil in this life God will have turned into Good for all those who love him. Though it isn’t here yet, we can rest assured that one day God will reveal the real shape of history and the grace of Christ Jesus and his work will be seen in every part of our lives.
Heavenly Father,
You are the God who gives peace. This second week of Advent, cause us to remember that even though we made no be spared from turmoil and chaos, we will not be overcome by it because we celebrate the one who came to overcome every power of darkness. Regardless of our circumstances or our situations, you offer us peace that passes understanding. We praise you and thank you in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Anchor Passages:
The Theme in Song:
This song highlights the deep transformational power of the peace of God. Each one of us know that when the brokenness of this world catches up with us, it is completely overwhelming, yet the peace of Christ passes experience, passes circumstance, surpasses our understanding. What a gift to celebrate this Advent season!

Special Theme Focus:
If you haven’t heard of the Bible Project series of videos on YouTube, then here is your chance to discover an amazing resource at your fingertips. This word study is part of a series on Advent theme words that they have made over at the BibleProject.com. Watch below to learn a whole lot on 3.5 minutes about the Biblical theme of “peace.”
The Theme for Kids:
This week we’ve got a video about peace with a story, a song, and even a quartet of singing candles!


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