Worship Companion – December 13 2020

Three weeks strong into Advent and we’re just scratching the surface of this season of hope and light!
Anchor Verses:
Can you find the thread linking these anchor passages together? 
I’ll give you a moment to read them, and try to answer that question.

“New Song” – Unknown Artist c. 12th century

I must admit, like looking at any grouping of scriptures, there’s more than one thread, so I suppose our answers may differ. The theme I was looking for is “Joy” or “rejoice.” Each text has an aspect of celebration as a response to God’s goodness.
The painting above represents the person with an attentive heart hearing the music of Heaven while not yet being in heaven themselves. This incredible picture reminds us that no matter what our circumstances, we can attune our ears to the heavenly song that is constantly playing in heaven, no matter what our earthly circumstances might be. We may not feel joy, but we can be immersed in the joys of heaven even in the deepest difficulties on earth if we quiet our hearts and listen to the heavenly choirs in the spiritual realm.
The Theme in Song:
Here’s a fresh take on a familiar theme- JOY TO THE WORLD!

The Theme for Kids:
Here’s a video with an object lesson, and a song to remind us to “rejoice in the Lord always!”
Choose JOY!

 Try singing this one in a round with your siblings or parents, just like they do in the video.

As we turn the corner in this Advent season and begin preparing to celebrate all that it means for God to take on flesh and be born as a baby, remember that this is a season of hope, light, and JOY. It is good news that God has come to us, in the manner that he did, to invite us all to be born again into his family.

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