Worship Companion – Easter 2022

Easter Week at UTMC
Title: Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane [Click for larger image view]

Title: Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane Date: 1430-1435 Artist: Giovanni, di Paolo, approximately 1403-approximately 1482

Anchor Texts for Good Friday:
This year we are entering into the events of Holy Week through Matthew’s Gospel:
Each of these passages will be treated separately in the worship service on Good Friday
Anchor Text for Easter Sunday:
The Theme For Kids:
This series has all the key events of Easter Week in their “Hey-O!” series, watch Good Friday and Easter Sunday below!


The Theme in Song:
The freedom we have in Christ through his death and resurrection changes everything. Singing this song with hundreds and thousands of other voices just begins to hint at the glory and joy of Easter for all people who surrender to Christ.

The Theme in Art:
Title: The Entombment of Christ [Click for larger image view]

Title: The Entombment of Christ, Date: ca. 1600-1604 Artist: Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da, 1573-1610

The realism of this painting by Caravaggio is astounding. The light, the detail, and the expressions all work together to transport the view to a moment in time as the body of Christ is laid to rest for Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning in the tomb. You can almost feel the physical weight of the lifeless body, and it makes the view ponder, where is the Spirit of Christ at this moment? What kind of activity is happening in the Spiritual realm while the body of Christ is prepared for the the tomb and laid in rest? Or is there rest in the Spiritual realm, too, at this moment? Are the gates of Hades blown back at the moment of the resurrection? Paintings like this, and the time one can take to ponder them, help us realize the limitations of our imaginations, indeed, of our whole beings that are bound to time and space in a way that Christ was not as the days passed. There is much more to ponder, what do you notice?
Title: Resurrection [Click for larger image view]

Title: Resurrection Date: 1977 Artist: Fazzini, Pericle, 1913-1987

This modern sculpture is a fascinating portrayal of the resurrection. It captures what simple concrete representation can’t capture about the spiritual and physical nature of the resurrection. The morass of death dissipates and untangles as Christ is risen, victorious over the evil Powers that sought to hold him. We, too, are set free by his resurrection, as we are crucified and rise with Christ.
He is Risen!

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