Worship Companion – February 20 2022

What can we say happened to Solomon? He possessed more wisdom than you or I had. He could assess a situation, see the various outcomes, and perceive the path of wisdom… yet he did not choose the path of wisdom at the most important moment. What happened? Did he abandon wisdom? Or was wisdom not enough?

Title: The Idolatry of King Solomon
Lucas van Leyden
Not on display
16th Century AD

In the picture above we see King Solomon bowing before an idol. The grotesque idol of a man seems to have horns and be holding an animal’s skull. The idol reminds us of humanity at its worst. The animal skull reminds me of Paul’s damning words of human rebellion– “they chose to worship the creature instead of the creator” — and a dead creature at that, a mere skull. A woman, perhaps pregnant, and most likely one of Solomon’s wives, stands by approvingly. The downfall of Solomon was disobedience, pride, and misplaced desire all wrapped up into one. 
Anchor Texts:

The greatness of your deeds, Lord God,

declares your love and shows forth the glory of your name.

Even though human evil persists in the world,
draw us to yourself and away from idolatry, injustice, and unfaithfulness.
Be to us the God of faithfulness, 

that all may know the healing touch of your Son,

who announces the good news of salvation

in word and deed. Amen.
The Theme in Song:
This song focuses on God’s presence with us in Christ, but the message of worshiping Christ alone and not bowing to idols remains the same now. The temptation to bow to idols of money, position, popularity, and self-image were true in Solomon’s day, just as they are now. While we may not bow to physical images in temples very often today, we are tempted to bow in temples of money (banks?), in temples of body image (concerts?) in order to feel better about ourselves or look better to other people. Not that these places are inherently bad, but they are places of temptation, which can pull us into placing things above the importance of Christ in our lives.

Theme for Kids:
Usually we’re doing well to have one kids video in a week, this week we have four!! They are all bits an pieces of the times Buck Denver talks about “What’s in the Bible?” Its an excellent series from the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer, and I highly recommend it.
Watch these in order to get a picture of the period of history we are talking about!



This last video is a family devotional based on the “What’s In the Bible” series. Watch with your kids and talk about it after!


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