Worship Companion – February 27 2022

Rebellion and Exile – Israel
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Last week we discovered the root of the split kingdom… sin. Solomon’s idolatry is the root, and the greed of his son Rehoboam sets the events in motion. This week and next we will will spend time following the two divergent kingdoms. This week, we’ll look at the North Kingdom, Israel, which boasted the majority of the twelve tribes, but the Davidic Line was lost and the ensuing power struggle took Israel through several different (short) dynasties. This Kingdom was marked by very few good moments, and the kings were consistent in their rebellion against God.
Anchor texts:
God of Justice,
Your word is light and truth,
yet we have walked so often in darkness and falsehood.
Let your face shine on us and restore us,
that we may walk in Your ways again.
Teach us to seek goodness, peace, and justice for the last, the least, and the lost.
Help us to glorify your name once again,
through Christ Jesus our King. Amen.
The Theme in Song:
There aren’t a lot of songs that dive into the exile of Israel and the unfaithfulness of the Northing Kingdom of Israel. Perhaps that isn’t a big surprise. Yet, one of the most powerful stories in the Bible comes from the period of Israel’s disobedience. Some of you have heard of the story of Hosea and Gomer. Hosea was a prophet whom God sent to the kings of the North. If you don’t know the story, listen to Andrew Peterson’s song from the perspective of his unfaithful wife, Gomer. The video below for kids also does a great job summing up Hosea and Gomer’s story, which is a small version of the big story of God and the Northern Kingdom.

The Theme for Kids:
This video does a great job showing the kind of Relationship God has with the Northern Kingdom, Israel. Marked by unfaithfulness, God continues to show mercy, up to a point. Then he lets Israel feel the weight of their sin. This is a sad story in many ways, but not one without hope.

The Theme in Art:
Most art depicts the fall of Judah, which we’ll discuss next week. The Northern Kingdom of Israel fell to the Assyrians almost 150 years before Judah fell to Babylon. The destruction was equally devastating. The image below is noted as being the sacking of Israel, though it may be the city of Jerusalem, it’s hard to tell.

“Fall of Israel”
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