Worship Companion – February 6 2022

Moses sees the Promised Land

Welcome to our third week in the “Story of Israel” series!
Someone might ask, “Why this series on Israel?” My short answer is that the Bible tells us one continues story of God’s work in the world, and while the climax of that story takes place in the New Testament, the majority of the action is set in the Old Testament. Why then, don’t we take more time to know it? Well, our time is short – weekly services don’t give us nearly enough time to lean all there is to discover about Jesus Christ, so understandably we do what we can and focus on Christ. This leads me to a challenge for you all this week. We have adult Sunday school, and we’ll be having another adult bible study in the near future. Consider taking some more time in your week to learn more about our faith and our story in these options as they become available. Want to know about other options, get in touch with me (Pastor Nate) any time!

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