Worship Companion – January 17 2021

We’re in the second half of our Getting to Know God message that is preparing us for exploring different spiritual rhythms and disciplines to help orient us toward God and his transforming work in us and through us to the world.

Mosaic in the “Hagia Sophia”

This amazing mosaic pictures above can be found in one of the most amazing cathedrals ever built, though it is now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. The mosaic dates back to the 9th century and features King Leo begging forgiveness from Christ for his less-than-admirable marriage track record. Christ holds a scoll which says “Peace to you. I am the Light of the World.” 
I chose this mosaic to headline this week’s blog for two reasons. First, because it models contrition and our need for forgiveness in a concrete way. It’s not very often that we fall on our knees before Jesus (literally down on the ground) and ask for forgiveness, though perhaps we would benefit from this kind of humility. Second, because it shows us something important about Christ. He gives audience to the rebellious king and listens to his plea for mercy. Christ, the Living Word, holds up the written word which reminds us that Jesus brings peace into our chaos and light into our darkness.
Getting to know Jesus happens as we follow after him in obedience and submission. We learn his ways by imitating what he does. Like we talked about last week – its not all about the list of facts, its about living in loving allegience to our King, and letting the “facts” work on us as we love, trust, and obey him on life’s journey.
The Theme in Song:
Steven Curtis Chapman sums up the identity of of Savior in this excellent song.

The Theme for Kids:
Our main text this week is the entire chapter of Acts 3. In this story we see how Peter has “got to know” Jesus, and even though Jesus is risen and ascended at this point, he is still living, active, and being “introduced” to new people through his servants, Peter and John!

As you keep getting to know Jesus, remember – it all happens through the lens of LOVE. No matter how smart you are, how wealthy you are, how happy you are – it doesn’t matter. Jesus loves you, and you can love Him, too.

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