Worship Companion – January 23 2022

I’m very excited to begin a new series with you all this week entitled “The Story of Israel.” Multiple times over the past months I have found myself in conversations with people and finding that to go to a deeper level of understanding the gospel people first need a clearer picture of the Old Testament. So often we reference or preach from the Old Testament in our services, but without a simple timeline and a clear understanding of the key events the message contains only a fraction of the power that it would have if people were more confident with the Old Testament and it’s trajectory.
With that in mind, we’re setting out to traverse the land of the ancient Middle East over an 8 weeks series that will hopefully refresh your understanding or freshly inform you of the key events. 
Yet, this series is NOT a history lesson. The goal is not to learn the events so much as to get to know the kind of Creator God who would be responsible for these events – what is He like, why does He does things the way He does? The outcome is not meant to be knowledge of facts, but a depth of relationship with God that benefits from seeing the highs and lows from the story of Israel, ultimately pointing toward the fulfillment of Israel’s hopes in Christ Jesus born in Bethlehem.
Let’s explore the wilds of the Holy Land together!

Abraham’s Journeys

Anchor Texts:
While the whole book of Genesis is generally in out scope of interest this week, here are a few key passages:
Above are all the key references for one of the main themes this week, all in one handy webpage!
What is that key theme? We’re going to look at BLESSING.
While it certainly isn’t the only theme, its a key theme that drives forward the story of God and his people – God wants to bless… EVERYONE. 
Humanity is blessed in the first case, and the key blessing delivered to Abraham in Genesis 12 is that through him, “all the nations of the world” shall be blessed.
Along with this theme, we need to look at another obvious theme in Genesis, the “creation, fall, restoration” rhythm that helps us understand why things doesn’t automatically turn out peachy for everyone, given God’s intention to bless. The story is complex, but together we’ll see how brokenness and blessing walk hand in hand throughout the big story of Scripture.
The Theme in Art:

The Blessing of Abraham

I found this painting of Abraham in several places online but I couldn’t find the information for who painted it or when. It’s an excellent painting in which there are many of the key images and symbols, the sky, the tent, the light, and according to one blog, the clever “dust” or stones on the ground, though I haven’ been able to figure out how it is a clever symbol of the promise quite yet. Let me know if you do.
The Theme in Song:
The focus this week is on Abraham, Isaac, and Jakob, but the bulk of the focus must be on Abraham. We know the least about Isaac, and Jacob is the father of the tribes of Israel, but the Abraham is the small stone God sets in motion to begin an avalanche of salvation that rolls throughout history.

The Theme for Kids:
Here’s the short version of our topic for the week – Abraham and the blessing from God!


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