Worship Companion – January 30 2022

“Then Moses went up to God, and the LORD called to him from the mountain…” Exodus 19:3a
Take a moment to imagine this mountain surrounded by think clouds and black smoke. Can you her the thunder shaking the mounting? The LORD came down upon this mountain and met with Moses. We sometimes relegate these historical events to the place in our imagination where we store fairy tales. This was not a fairy tale, though perhaps accessing that same part of our imagination is, indeed, the only way to bring the awesome reality of these events to life in our minds.

Title: Mount Horeb, Sinai
Date: 1858
Artist: Frith, Francis
Building: J. Paul Getty Museum
Object/Function: Photograph

Key Events and Passages for Week 2 of “The Story of Israel”
The Exodus Out of Egypt –  Exodus 13:21-22
The Giving of the Law – Exodus 19:3-9
The 40 Years of Wandering – Deuteronomy 1:26-36
The Building of the Tabernacle – Exodus 25:8-9
Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy complete the Penteteuch (Pent-ih-tyook), which is the name of the first five books of the Bible. These books are what New Testament people like Jesus call “the Law.” Laws/rules make up a substantial portion of these writings, but the vast majority of “the Law” is actually still narrative, or “story.”
Why do you think God gave us so much “story” around the giving of the law to the Children of Israel?
Why did the Children of Israel need these laws?
The Theme in Art:
It’s not often we have real photographs for out theme pictures, but above we’ve already reflected on the picture of what is likely Mount Horeb. There is actually debate about exactly which mountain is Horeb, but the above was the consensus decision of the time (1850s). Below, we have the crossing of the Red Sea depicted. Is this how you picture it? What is different? I find myself wondering why animals factor in so prominently to this portrayal (ducks, cow, camel, sheep, dog).

Title: Crossing the Red Sea
Date: 1890
Artist: Kotarbiński, Wilhelm, 1848-1921
Building: National Art Museum of Ukraine
City/Town: Kiev
Country: Ukraine


Return of the spies from Canaan. Date: circa late 19th century

The Theme for Kids:
Here’s one of the key stories for this week – the story of the Exodus from Egypt!

The Theme in Song:
I had trouble finding good songs about the Exodus, temple, wanderings and law-giving. If you know of one, put it in the comments below! If not, maybe you could write one and share it?
God bless you all as you prepare for worship this week.

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