Worship Companion – July 10

Send out Your light and Your truth 
I am not sure why but this photo which is from a ministry called full of eyes https://www.fullofeyes.com struck me. the vividness and imagery fits really well with the psalm that we will be looking at this Sunday. This art shows just one of many aspects to this psalm, this may be where we spend the most time. Do we on a daily basis ask God to send out his light and his truth and to lead us? I don’t mean this so we can beat ourselves up if we don’t ask, I don’t always, but to remind us, that even when our soul is cast down and maybe even especially then we need to ask God.
We will be walking through Psalm 42 and 43 this Sunday, the reason we are doing both is because they seem to be almost one and there is some debate that at one point they were one psalm. We will spend most of our time on Psalm 43 but its good to read 42 as well. one of the things I love about these psalms is that the are lament and praise, in many verses you will see this question, why are you cast down, O my soul? this is something we will be asking this Sunday and walking through. I am sure we ask this all the time and its important to ask questions, and the answer is even more important, when we are downcast where do we go? lets find out together. 
Anchor Passages 
Questions to Ponder
do you regularly read the psalms? do you find you connect with them more or less than other Scripture?
in Psalm 43 the writer says Vindicate me, O God, is that a fair question to ask God? what do you think the authors cause was that they needed God to defend?
the psalmist asks their soul a question? have you ever thought about how you have a soul?
where do you turn when you are downcast or in a dark place?
The Theme in Song
This song is where I got the idea to preach on this psalm, and i love the music and genuiness that Sandra has in this song.

the Theme for Kids
I couldn’t find a kids video solely based on psalm 42 and 43 but found a good overview video of the psalms in general for kids, hope they enjoy and learn.


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