Worship Companion – July 4 2021

What is the Church?

Notre Dame, Paris, 2014

While it is beautiful beyond description even the great cathedral of Notre Dame is not “the church.” We are embarking on a new series over the course of this summer that asks some big questions about what “the Church” is, what its purpose is, and why it matters. This week our theme title is “People of the Flame.”
Anchor Texts:
Explore the Theme:
As we explore the beginnings of the church, this video gives us a very helpful introduction to some of the same themes we’ll be talking about on Sunday. Although the content of the first 3 minutes is our focus for this week, these excellent videos are worth a full viewing!

The Theme in Song:
This song may be outside of your usual musical boundaries (I have to admit its out of mine), but from the words to the very form of music that it expressed, it seems to capture something of being “People of the Flame” even if none of us in our church could keep up with singing this song!

If you don’t make it through the whole song above, that’s alright. This second song is quite different in style, but equally focused on the events of Pentecost and our new identity symbolized in the tongues of fire.


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