Worship Companion – June 12 2022

Welcome back to week two of our series “SENT.” Each week in June we’re looking at a different aspect of our mission to go and proclaim the good news of the kingdom. This week we’re looking at the sending of the 72.
Title: Seventy Disciples [Click for larger image view]

“70 Disciples” – Greek Manuscript of the New Testament, ca. 15th century

There is a lot of work to do out there in the world, and it’s going to take a whole lot of people. As we work through our “Sent” series we’re going to continue seeing the mission expand. In out text today Jesus says: “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” What are we to do? Work harder to make up for the lack of workers? Well hard work can be good, but that’s not the answer here – Jesus says we should plead with the owner of the field to send out more workers into the field.
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Sermon Notes: June 12 2022 NOTES
Questions to Ponder:
You may notice right away that sometimes the number is seventy (New American Standand Version and others) and sometimes the number is seventy-two (English Standard Version and others). Should this concern us or undermine our confidence in the Bible? Certainly not! It does give us an important lesson in the way human copiers worked with the Bible in the early years, though. In this passage with seventy or seventy two, there is also the phrase “two by two” that appears shortly after. Depending on how the text copier wrote this out in the very early days, several variants about 70 or 72 emerged and also whether they were sent out in “twos” or in “two by twos.” So in various copies the sense seemed to be that Jesus sent 70, two by two, and on others, he sent out 72 in twos. You can see how variations emerged. There’s no theological truth at stake here, but there are debates between scholars about how to trace back to the original statement Luke made. What do you think we should do with tricky passages like this?
Why would Jesus send out his disciples as “lambs in the midst of wolves?” (v. 3). What benefit is there to sending them out as weak and vulnerable into a dangerous world?
This passage is very similar to our passage from last week – re-read Matthew 10:1-15 ESVUK our text from last week. What subtle differences are there between the sending of Jesus’ “inner-circle” 12 disciples and these 72 “outer-circle” disciples?
Why do you think its important that these disciples were sent out in groups of two? Is there someone you pair up with to serve others? Is there way you can expand your influence as a pair for the Kingdom God?
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The Theme for Kids:
Last week the kids video was about the sending of the 12. Instead of a very similar kids video about the sending of the 72, I am jumping back to Pentecost Sunday which was last week. This story was read for us last week in the worship service, and this week kids can check out one o the many great kids videos about God sending the Holy Spirit!

The Theme in Art:
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Title: Harvest in Provence Date: 1888 Artist: Gogh, Vincent van, 1853-1890 Building: Israel Museum

Scenes of harvest are familiar to us in West Perth, though we don’t think about them exactly the same way that Jesus would have. The machinery we have to harvest makes it possible for one or two people to bring in hundreds of acres of harvest each day, but in Jesus’ day it would have taken hundreds of workers to bring in that same harvest.
While we have made harvesting more efficient, the same cannot be said for bearing witness to the kingdom, because no matter how much we like to think that the internet and radio let us “harvest” more, they simply can’t replace the real relationships necessary for people to be part of the spread of the gospel. Even if seeds can be planted by digital ministry, nothing replaces real disciples making disciples as they share life with each other.

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