Worship Companion – June 20 2021

Happy Father’s Day!
“My son, do not forget my teaching…” (Proverbs 3:1)

Luca Giordano – Allegory of Divine Wisdom

If you have ever read through the book of Proverbs you will know that “Wisdom” is the dominant theme of this book. After all, it is known as one of the “wisdom” writings of the Old Testament. As well celebrating Fathers this week (and a little redo of Mother’s Day, too!) we’ll be reminded of the importance of wisdom being sought and passed down from Father to Son. Proverbs gives us the image of a Father teaching his son the right way to live in the world. Now that we have the Holy Spirit dwelling in each one of us who have faith in Christ, the wisdom of our Heavenly Father is made known to us as He teaches us by His Spirit!
Anchor Texts for Sunday:
We have two themes this week. First, it’s Father’s Day and we’ll be reflecting on Proverbs 3:1-12. You can read that at the link below.
We’ll also be taking a walk through the whole letter to the Philippians together and reminding ourselves of the key themes. After each chapter we will take time to “observe, reflect, and discuss” before we pray and meditate as a group on the Word.
Read or listen to the whole letter to the Philippians below:
Happy Father’s Day – A Kid’s Point of View

The Theme in Song:
Let’s not forget that in Jesus Christ, we have be reunited with His Father who we can now call “Our Father” through the grace we have been given. There is no one like our Father who is in Heaven, and no matter what our other father-experiences may be like, we can all receive the perfect love of the Perfect Father that this song so wonderfully expresses.


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