Worship Companion – June 26 2022

You are the light of the world…
The Gospel According to Matthew 5:14

Title: Creation of Light
Date: 1824
Artist: Martin, John, 1789-1854

We are sent out to be light in this dark world. In the beginning, there was darkness, and God spoke light into the darkness. John begins his gospel by states that the Jesus the Messiah is the life that shone light into the hearts of mankind. He says that light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. Darkness can certainly seem like it is crowding out the light sometimes, but as Christians we know better than to believe that. We have God’s own Word that still speaks to us today reminding us that the darkness never has nor ever will over come the light. 
When we live our lives on mission for Jesus, the same power that spoke light into creation at the beginning of the world is at work in us to spread a different kind of light into the world, into the darkened hearts of people just like you and I who need the light of Christ to shine on them and wake them out of their slumber. That’s what the great commission is all about.
Anchor Texts:
Questions to Ponder:
1. What does “gospel” mean? Describe it in your own words.
2. Why is it important to Paul that Christ died for sin, was buried, and was raised “in accordance with the scriptures”? What would be different if Paul just left these lines out?
3. Some people have gone so far as to say “the gospel isn’t in the four gospels” (Matthew, Mark Luke and John). This comes from a divorce of the “events” of the gospel and the “effects” of the gospel. The events of the gospel can be summed up as 1. the eternal Son of God took on flesh in the virgin’s womb, 2. He lived and died 3. he was buried 4. he was raised bodily on the third day in, 5. appeared to many, 6. He ascended to sit at the right hand of God, 7. he is coming again. We can see, then, the gospel is in the gospel accounts, though other New Testament writers explain the effects of the gospel in more detail. How confident do you feel in your understanding of the gospel? What needs to happen for you to be more confident to share it to someone hurting and in need of the hope of Jesus?
4. Is baptism necessary in the life of a Christian? Necessary in what way? For salvation? To live in true obedience? To begin “new life” in Christ?
The Theme in Song:
While this hymn video may not be as “entertaining” as some other songs, the point of worship music isn’t entertainment; it should engage our head and our heart. Nothing does that quite like earnest participation in a rich hymn.

The Theme for Kids:
This great kids video explains all the events from Jesus dying on the cross to the ascension of Jesus to the right hand of God.


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