Worship Companion – June 6 2021


The Visitation – Mike Moyers

Yes, I know that the painting above isn’t depicting a scene from Philippi, or Paul in prisoned in Rome, but if there were ever a picture of “rejoicing” (Phil 4:4) and ever a scene of truth, beauty, excellence (Phil 4:8) to picture, this would be one of them — the rejoicing of Mary and Elizabeth (and the babies inside them, too!) depicted in Moyers’ painting here. On a side note, not that I am a salesman, but many of these pieces of art I find for the companion can be ordered as prints or real-paint reproductions. If that’s something that would interest you, you can look up this Ascension Press as an example (that’s where the painting above is available for purchase). Click here to learn more about that.
Anchor Texts:
Both of the above texts highlight “rejoicing,” which is a big theme in our worship this week. But there is more at play in our main verse from Philippians. What other themes stand out to you in this short passage?
The Theme in Art:

The Visitation – Mike Moyers

There are so many levels of joy going on in this moment captured from Luke 1:39-45. I’d argue this moment is full of joy, not mere happiness. What do you think the difference is, and why do you think the emotions of this meeting run far deeper than just a “happy” moment?
The Theme for Kids:
JOY is the root of rejoicing. Rejoicing is the response we have to life in all circumstances because of the deep knowledge we have of God’s goodness. This video gives you a great object lesson about the difference between expressing happiness and living in real joy.

The Theme in Song:
A simple, beautiful hymn to help you rejoice!
“Lift up your hearts, life up your voice, rejoice, again I say rejoice!”

As we prepare for this week’s message, remember that we’ve been reminded in every chapter of Philippians to rejoice. No matter what is going on in your life this week, let the joy, peace, and love of God sustain you as you learn to depend on Him more and more every day.
I leave these words from verse 4 and 7 in our passage this week as a prayer for you,
Holy Spirit, I pray that you would remind us how to rejoice in You, our God, and Savior. I pray that Your peace, God, which surpasses all understanding will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord, come what may this week. Amen.

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