Worship Companion – March 20 2022

Welcome to our final week of the series “The Story of Israel.”

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In our final week of the series we’ll be looking at the fulfillment of Israel’s Hope. The downward cycle has been spinning out of control, yet God has continued to direct the wayward nation of Israel to the point where He would redeem and restore them– and so much more, too. The Kingdom restored, not just to it’s former glory, as in King David’s time, but to a glory God planned before the foundation of the Earth. How does this all come about? Through the re-establishment of the kingdom on the shoulders of “the Messiah,” which means the “anointed King.”
Anchor Passages:
What does “anointed” mean?
Where do you think the story of the Messiah begins? Genesis? Samuel? Matthew? Somewhere else? Why?
Why is it important that Jesus is part of the Kingly line of David?
After watching the video below, can you describe what “salvation” is and how it works through the messiah?
Is Jesus the King of the whole world, or just of people who “believe in him as their personal Lord (king)”? Explain.
The Theme in Video:

The Theme for Kids:
Here are two videos, one a lesson and the other a song about Jesus being the Messiah!



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