Worship Companion – March 27 2022

The month of March is passed and so is the “Story of Israel” series. Wow. I had an awesome time reviewing our family history with you all, and seeing how the story all points toward Jesus filled me with hope for what God is doing and will still do in the world. 

Spring Crocuses – Pastor Nate’s house

We’re embarking on a short trip now, a two week series about being part of God’s family. We’re talking in particular about what it means to be part of a local church family. I’m excited to be doing this short series because it is inspired by the fact that we’re doing a membership induction at our church in two weeks and we’re excited to welcome a wonderful young couple into the family in a special way.
This series isn’t so much about what “Church Membership” is, since church membership exists in different forms in different churches and isn’t an explicit biblical concept. What is explicit in scripture is that belonging to a church community is a serious commitment, far more serious that what we tend to treat it as today. 
We’re going to spend time looking at the key factors of belonging to a local church over the next two weeks – specifically rooted in Hebrews 13:15-17 and 2 Corinthians 9:7 this week as we talk about being a generous member of the community. In two weeks, on the actual Sunday of the membership induction, we’ll talk about the anchor passages of our membership covenant and how they pertain to life in the local community of Jesus followers.
Anchor Texts:
Questions to Ponder:
1. What teaching have you heard in the church about giving, specifically giving to the church? That we should give a “tithe” (10%)? More or less than that? That giving isn’t really about money but talents etc.? 
2. Does talking about money make you uncomfortable in a church setting? Is it easier or harder to talk about money in other settings? Does the church feel like a judgmental or unsafe place to talk openly about money?
3. How important is it to you to be generous to charities outside of the church?
4. How important is it to you to give to needs that don’t get you a tax-receipt or other kick-back? I.e. personal needs of friends, family, or strangers?
5. Do you wish you were more generous? (I think we all know deep down we could be more generous!). What small step could you take today to begin a better rhythm of generosity in your life?
The Theme in Video:
What does the Bible say about money and generosity? A ton! This short video is a great (but very small) introduction into the ways that God instructs us to be wise stewards of our money so that we can be effective and generous as we use this particular tool.

The Theme in Song:
The first song here is for kids. It’s by Randall Goodgame, a popular musician in my house. This song is part of the fun “Slugs and Bugs” world he created. In it, we meet a quirky society of Racoons who practice the rhythms of generosity Christ called his people to live out every day.

This song is an online collaboration video of the song “Teach us Your Ways” by The Porter’s Gate. The song is  simple prayer offered up to God that we would live lives that praise God by becoming more like Him and learning how to do it in the community of the Church. The verse “teach us to give” challenges us to give ourselves for one another as we learned from Christ’s ultimate giving.


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