Worship Companion – March 28 2021

We are in “Holy Week” or “Passiontide” or simply “Easter Season.” Whatever we call it, it is a special week in the church calendar that draws our attention toward the events that lead us up to the climax of human history – the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“Entry Into Jerusalem” – Date: 1262
Artist: T’oros Roslin, active 13th century

This week we’ll be examining twin themes: confession (our Rhythm) and Palm Sunday. These themes overlap and interlock perfectly to highlight our praise of the God who saves and our desperate need of salvation because we are mired in our own sin. Let’s explore together.
Anchor Texts:
The Theme in Art:

Title: Palm Sunday
Date: 20th century
Artist: Koenig, Peter
Object/Function: Painting


“Entry Into Jerusalem” – Date: 1262
Artist: T’oros Roslin, active 13th century

These two paintings are separated by close to 800 years and depict the triumphal entry very differently. Consider a few things as you compare them. Who are the people who are elevated in the picture – what are they doing, why do you think the artist placed them there? Likewise, what about the people at the bottom of the painting – compare who they are and what they are doing. Lastly, look at Christ himself – his disposition and countenance seem to be worlds apart, what is the artist saying about Christ’s attitude as he enters Jerusalem?
The Theme in Song:

While this theme in certainly familiar, this song may be new to you. This wonderful song expresses our praise to “the humble King who chose the road that led to suffering.” He did it for us. Hosanna (Praise God, who saves us) is a word that so wonderfully combines our twin themes of this week – Palm Sunday and confession.
The Theme for Kids:
Our favourite “Hey-O!” bible characters are back to show us the story of the the triumphal entry this week!


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