Worship Companion – May 15 2022

Breakfast with Jesus
Something about it sounds really appealing. Every new day, and every new start should begin with Jesus. It’s even better when you read our passage from scripture today and find out that Jesus even provides breakfast. You may have heard that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but by the time we’ve reached the end of the gospel account sin the Bible we’ve seen Jesus give out free breakfast, lunch, and supper!
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As we continue to work through our two themes of Easter season and the need to re-connect, we keep finding ourselves in some of the most amazing interactions with God. To refresh your memory, we saw that Jesus, God in the flesh, was eager to meet a few humble women in the garden on the morning of his resurrection, then we saw how he took the time to meet two doubting disciples on the road to Emmaus. Last week we saw how concerned he was about the welfare of his mother and friend even while he hung on the cross. As we explore these Easter stories together, we are gaining a clearer picture of the kind of God we serve. Not an angry, forceful, juggernaut of a God who just pushes through people’s lives to make his plans happen, but a God who takes his time, who waits for people, walks with people, and stays with people.
Anchor Text:
Questions to Ponder:
1. Simon Peter says in verse 3 that he is going fishing – no explanation is given – what are some of the motivations you think he has here?
2. Once again the disciples “did not know it was Jesus”. Why do you think Jesus’ identity is constantly hidden?
3. Are the fish the disciples catch symbolic of something? Think about the way Jesus met the disciples in Luke 5:1-8. IN that story the nets break with an overwhelming catch – what’s different and what’s the same about these two encounters?
4. Why do you think Jesus keeps having these encounters with the disciples? Why not get right down to business and do a “theology of the resurrection” class and then send them out?
5. Have you ever hidden from a difficult situation by working on something else? Why is “work” such a good excuse to get out of doing something God is asking you to do? Was Peter hiding from something? What was he supposed to be doing if not fishing?
The Theme For Kids:
This kids video explains our text for the little ones and gives them a helpful pointer toward what Jesus is showing his disciples – the care we show for others always matters whether its in big or small ways. God meets our needs every day in every way!

The Theme in Song:
God is our provider – do you believe that? The disciples had a hard time believing that God was still with them. They were out trying things by their own strength and they weren’t getting anywhere. This song and our anchor passage today remind us that we need Jesus the King to provide for us everything we need. He feeds us, he fills up our work with meaning and purpose, and he calls us into deeper relationship with himself as he forgives as renews us daily.

The Theme in Art:
Fresco of the Miraculous Catch of Fish, and Peter swimming to shore, in the Greek Orthodox Church in Capernaum, Galilee. Photo: Pilgrim Pat
This painting is actually a fresco, a wall painting, from the Greek Orthodox Church in Capernaum, Galilee. This church is built in what of the many small towns that Jesus passed through, stayed in, and taught in his days of proclaiming the kingdom. The painting highlights in one snapshot many of the key moments from our reading this week. The disciples in the boat, Peter “throwing himself into the sea,” the haul of fish, the unbroken net, the fire with fish and bread prepared for the weary disciples, and Jesus, standing on the shore, instructing them in the fishing, and beckoning them to come to him. What do you notice about this painting? Why are there fish outside the net? What do you notice about Peter’s posture? What else do you see?

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