Worship Companion – May 8 2022

Happy Mother’s Day!
We are excited to celebrate Mothers together this week! Many of us have different stories about our mothers. We’ve known some of them well, connected with them deeply, and come to appreciate them as some of the most formative people God has placed in our lives. While, for others, a mother may have been someone unknown to them, whether by circumstances or by choices that were made. No matter what your story is, every woman has the capacity in her to be a spiritual mother, a role model, and an example of God’s gracious and redemptive power at work in the lives of his children.
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The references to Mary in the Scriptures sometimes get sidelined by Evangelicals who are concerned about the veneration given to Mary in the catholic and Orthodox traditions of the church. While this is important to be aware of, the reality is there are extremely significant points of the scriptures when Mary is featured. One of them being this scene of beauty in an otherwise horrifying picture of the cross. 
1. What is helpful about the above artwork as it highlights Jesus, Mary, and John? 
2. Mary Magdalene is at Jesus’ feet, why is is significant that John highlights all these women in his account of the gospel in 19:25-27?
3. How have you had a mother figure model deep commitment to you? Is there a moment that stands out?
4. Have you ever had a crisis bring you together in a new relationship with someone who has become “spiritual family” to you?
5. Take a moment and meditate on Psalm 22:9-10 Think about this in the context of the rest o the Psalm. We are perhaps used to this as a turn of phrase, but what does it reveal to us about the special vocation of being a mother, especially in partnership with God’s action?
Anchor Texts:
The Theme in Song:
This beautiful; song is a blessing on all mothers (and fathers) who are caring for children, no matter how the family was formed.

The Theme for Kids:
Hey kids!
Go tell your mom you love her today, and maybe sing her a line form this song when you do it!

The Theme in Art:
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The crucifixion is deeply troubling. If we forget that, we are in great danger of forgetting the terrible weight of sin, and the seriousness of God’s extreme intervention on our behalf. There was nothing light-hearted about the moment Christ hung on the cross for the sin of the world. From the depths of the pain that Sin inflicted on the heart of God, to the terrible agony of Jesus’ own mother watching her son hanging on a cross, the moment was a crisis in every way from our human perspective. It is remarkable that at this darkest moment in humanity, the themes of family, adoption, and care still shine through. IN John’s gospel, of all the things he could have said about the crucifixion of the Son of God, he chooses to highlight the mutual adoption of Mary and John. At Jesus’ behest, Mary adopts John as her new son, and John adopts Mary in her vulnerable situation as his new mother. While we don’t know if John still had his own mother, we are virtually certain that Joseph, Mary’s husband, was not there to care for her, and remarkably, none of Jesus’ siblings seem up to the task at this moment of caring for Mary.
In the bright and the dark moments of life- lets be thankful to God for the way he has sustained us through the godly women in our lives.

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