Worship Companion – November 7 2021

When you walk into work, be it an office, or a jobsite or your living room, do you know what your task is for the moment? What about your task for the day? What about your purpose in that occupation?
Knowing your focus is critical to being a good worker and finding enjoyment in your work. This week, we’re talking about our “life focus” — the mission God has given us.
Title: Christ Speaking With the Disciples [Click for smaller image view]

Title: Christ Speaking With the Disciples Artist: Pencz, Georg

Anchor Texts:
These two texts highlight the importance of the task we have been given. In the first we see Jesus himself walking in step with the Father’s instructions. In the second text, we see Paul, a human like you and I expressing the urgency and importance of living our lives in the light of the gospel and making it known to others.
Prayer for the week:
Remember, these prayers I include are not meant to be a stand in for your own personal conversation with God, but rather a helpful starter, or prayer to come back to in order to help us stay in step with the Spirit!

God of every land,

you have created all people

and you dwell among us in Jesus Christ.

Listen to the cries of those who pray to you,

and grant that, as we proclaim the greatness of Your Name,

all people will know the power of the gospel at work in the world.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
The Theme in Song:
Toward what have you turned your eyes in life? When you close your eyes, what image still remains? When we have Christ as our focus, we can turn when he turns, stop when he stops. This song is all about keeping our eyes turned toward him. Just like learning to ride a bike or ski, we realize when we are living our life for Christ how important it is to be conscious about where your eyes are because your body, indeed your whole life, tends to follow whatever you are looking at.

The Theme in Art:
Title: Christ Speaking With the Disciples [Click for smaller image view]
We saw this woodcutting at the beginning of the companion this week. Wood cuttings like this were carved into a wood panel and used like a stamp in the printing or manuscript writing process to “illuminate” or add illustrations to the text. This particular cutting is linked to Mark 1:29-39, specifically from verse 38 at the moment which Jesus tells his disciples that he is not going to stay where they want him to, instead he’s going to keep travelling and taking the good news of the kingdom to new towns and cities, some of which will not treat him nearly as well as the people of Capernaum have. 
The Theme for Kids:
We need to know what happened with Simon’s mother-in-law so we can understand why Jesus would have been tempted to stay in the town of Capernaum. This video tells us all about it. Jesus did some amazing miracles in Simon’s town and everyone loved him. That’s why it was so hard for Jesus’ disciples to understand why we wanted to leave.


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