Worship Companion – October 24 2021

Welcome back to the worship companion! After a couple weeks off, I am back and I’ve been thinking, it’s good to be back. What I mean is, it’s good to be gathering together, back with my brothers and sisters and worshipping God together.

Multitude of Worshippers – Gregory Stanton

Anchor Texts:
Prayer of Preparation:

Eternal One, whose thoughts and ways are not ours,

you alone are God, awesome, holy, and most high.

Lead us in the ways of faith and wisdom,

that we, like our forefathers and mothers,

may learn to truly see and hear,

and in humility find blessing. Amen.

Why do you think it is relatively easy for us to find an excuse for not joining a Sunday morning gathering, but not for some other commitments in our life? (I’m including myself in this question, too!)
Is “praise” different than worship? The Old Testament talks a lot more about “praise” than the New Testament, and the New Testament seems to focus on “worship” language to a greater extent than the Old, why might that be?
Do you have a habit of sharing “praise reports” with other people? How could you be more intentional with inviting people to praise God with you?
The Theme in Art:

I Will Bless the Lord at All Times – Karna de Villiers

This painting above by de Villiers is called “I will bless the Lord at all times, his praise always in my mouth.”  Why do you think he would paint this particular image and associate it with the opening lines of our anchor passage for today?
The Theme in Song:
This song and worship band are new to me – here is a little bit of what they say of themselves: “Victory Worship is a Filipino worship team that is passionate about making music that honors God and inspires people to know and follow Jesus. We also identify, train, and develop worship songwriters from within Victory. In doing so, we are helping to shape the creative voice of future generations.” The message they are singing about is exactly what we are working through together today. Let these words be an expression to God of your own weakness and declaration of praise.

The Theme for Kids:
My kids love the Donut Man. If you’ve got Apple Music, Spotify, or just YouTube, put a mix of Donut Man music on for your kids. They’ll be singing scripture (like our anchor text from today!) before you know it – just like this song below!


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