Worship Companion – September 12 2021

The heavens declare the Glory of God!

Title: God with Angels and Saints
Notes: This large mosaic over the altar was created by a local Philippine artist
Date: 20th-21st centuries
Building: Tigbauan Church

Welcome to our second week of the “September Survey.” Last week we spent time surveying the healing accounts in Marks Gospel (7:24-36)and this week were surveying some entirely new landscape, the Psalms, and in particular, Psalm 19.
Anchor Texts:
Preparation for Worship:
Lord God,, you made the heavens and the earth by Your great power. We are your humble creatures. Apart from you, we have nothing. Forgive us for our arrogance, forgive us for disobeying Your good commands and following our broken and selfish ways instead. Lead us to the throne of Your Heavenly grace once again. Revive us, and make us new, so that we, too, can declare the glory of Your great Name. Through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.
Why does the Psalmist choose to say that “speech” and “knowledge” are poured out from God’s creation? Sure, it is anthropomorphism (giving human qualities to creatures or objects), but what does it mean?
What do you think the connection is between the Sun (vv. 4-6) and the Law (vv. 7-11)? 
The basic shape of Psalm 19 is: 1. God’s revelation in creation, 2. God’s revelation i the Law, 3. Our humble response — think about your personal response to God’s revelation through creation and the scriptures – what is a way you can/ought to respond to this passage we just read?
Do you have any prayers or passages of prayerful scripture memorized? Consider memorizing Psalm 19:14 this week and let it be a prayer regularly on your lips.
The Theme in Song:
This week we have three different songs created around the text of Psalm 19. I would normally choose only one, but each version was so different that I thought I’d include them all this week, feel free to listen to the ones that you can connect with the most.
The first is a new version in the recent tradition of setting a long section word-for-word to modern music. The second is the polar opposite, a Hebrew version set to an ancient style of music (disclaimer: I have no idea if there is any merit to the claims of the research done by the person who claims to have deciphered “music notes” from Hebrew writing – I’ve never heard of this, but what they’ve come up with sounds really cool!). The third is another modern version, but this one seems to capture something of the ancient beauty of the second video’s musical setting, and is a sort of middle ground between the modern and ancient settings.


The Theme in Art:

Title: God with Angels and Saints
Notes: This large mosaic over the altar was created by a local Philippine artist
Date: 20th-21st centuries
Building: Tigbauan Church

This mosaic is a recent artwork from the Philippines. I chose it this week to remind us that the “glory” which the heavens declare is a glory that goes far beyond them. While mountains, for example, are majestic, we can get caught up in their “glory” instead of remembering that this Psalm is really saying that the glory of the created things is a reflection of the glory of God – this piece of art gives us  a heavenly scene, and reminds us that the glory of these earthly wonders around us is pointing toward a glory beyond themselves, and certainly beyond this mosaic or any other piece of art. Yet this mosaic depicts the heavenly, and is a helpful reminder that there is a realm beyond what we can see, where God reigns and the King of Glory, Christ is enthroned as the Spirit moves in power in the Heavenly and earthly realms beneath his feet (notice above)  – one God in his perfect Triune glory.
The Theme for Kids:
This week, instead of just a video to watch, we have an activity! So grab some paper and crayons and lets go!


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